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NEWS Last modified on September 12, 2017

Amsterdam Schiphol chooses architect for its new terminal

Amsterdam Schiphol has chosen the design of KAAN Architecten for its planned new terminal.

The new terminal will open in 2023 and will allow 14 million more passengers to travel through Schiphol annually. 

The new terminal is an expansion of Schiphol's existing terminal, making it possible to retain the one terminal concept. 
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The consortium's innovative thinker is Arnout Meijer Studio from the Netherlands.

According to Schiphol, the expansion is required in order to strengthen its competitive position, keep pace with the growth in aviation and continue to enhance the position of ‘Europe’s preferred airport’ among both airlines and passengers.

Amsterdam Schiphol CEOm Jos Nijhuis, says: "This design suits the Schiphol DNA. That was the main reason why the jury decided to choose this design.

"The design solution contributes to excellent processing, it provides optimal support to passengers, contributes to our sustainability ambitions and is future-proof. 

"We are looking forward to welcoming airlines and passengers in the new terminal and adjacent new pier."
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The new terminal will form an expansion of Schiphol's existing terminal and will adjoin Departure Hall 1 and Arrival Hall 1.

Keeping the buildings together allows Schiphol to retain the one terminal concept, and ensure that all the facilities are under one roof.

The last time that Schiphol permanently expanded the terminal was in 1993, when the current Departure Halls 3 and 4 and Arrival Halls 3 and 4 were built.



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