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NEWS Last modified on September 15, 2017

Frankfurt introduces multi-lingual digital restaurant menus

Frankfurt Airport's latest customer service initiative is as brilliant as it is simple – multi-lingual digital restaurant menus for passengers who don't speak German.

Initially available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian, the menus have been adopted by three restaurants in a bid to better serve the airport's growing list of international passengers.

Airport operator, Fraport, is quick to point out that transfer traffic currently accounts more than 60% of the gateway's 60 million passengers annually.

It states: "Frankfurt Airport is where the world meets. A place where people of all nationalities and languages meet, with various cultural backgrounds and requirements.
FRA menu2
"Many of our guests spend the time before departure doing exactly the same things: enjoying an airport shopping spree or having a good meal and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one of FRA’s many restaurants.

"So, as a service to overcome language barriers, Fraport has developed a multi-lingual digital menu in co-operation with three airport restaurants.

"Guests can simply ask service staff for the order tablets containing the menu. They provide a clear overview of the available options in four different languages (English, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese)."

It adds that 'appetizing pictures of the dishes and drinks" help customers to choose.

Then, it’s just a matter of placing the order in the shopping cart and submitting it to the service staff, who are also on hand to answer any questions that arise.
Ute Pohl from Fraport's Airport Retailing department enthuses: “With the multi-lingual digital menus, we have developed a service that makes communication between guests and service staff much easier.

"At the same time, we are recognising the fact that our guests have a limited timeframe. The ordering tool is easy and intuitive to operate.”

Large screens in the entrance area of the restaurants show guests an overview of the wide range of options.

The new service is initially available at the following restaurants in the airport’s post-security area: Deli Bros (Terminal 1, Concourse B), Lucullus Nero (Terminal 1, Pier Z) and Mondo (Terminal 2, Concourse D).

Fraport plans to roll out the digital menus to other restaurants in the airport.

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