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Airport Carbon Accreditation success for LAX and Van Nuys

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has become one of only three US gateways to achieve Level 3 – Optimisation status in ACI's Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

The ACA programme recognises airports worldwide that are committed to managing their carbon footprint through measurement and reduction with the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.

The higher level certification was announced at ACI-NA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition in Fort Worth.

Van Nuys general aviation airport (VNY) was also recognised with 'Level 2 – Reduction' accreditation, and is only one of two general aviation airports in the world accredited at this tier.

“Level 3 accreditation for LAX, and Level 2 for VNY, are important milestones in demonstrating that Los Angeles World Airports is serious about sustainability and protecting our environment,” said Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) president, Sean Burton.
LAX runway
“Reducing our carbon footprint is a critical component of how we ensure that the world’s travellers are able to enjoy sustainable and environmentally responsible airports.”

LAWA CEO, Deborah Flint, noted: “Our mission is to serve the world by connecting people, places, and cultures, and we do so with the principles of stewardship and sustainability.

“The certification of VNY as only one of two general aviation airports in the world at Level 2, and the progress of LAX from Level 2 to Level 3, is a reflection of these principles in all that we do.

"In our daily operations and in our development programmes, we will continue to look at new ways for our airports to reach the gold-standard in environmental sustainability.”

In May 2017, after assessing current and available technologies, and reviewing available financial, operational, and business requirements, VNY committed to a 5% emissions reduction by 2025, from 2013 levels.

ACA Level 2 Reduction accreditation requires airports to quantify their carbon output during a set time period, to submit carbon management plans, and to show progress towards achieving a reduced carbon footprint.
For LAX, ACA Level 3 – Optimisation builds off of the requirements set forth for ACA Level 2 – Reduction, which requires an airport to quantify its carbon output during a set time period, submit carbon management plans, and demonstrate progress towards achieving carbon footprint reduction.

Level 3 expands the scope of reduction planning to include emissions generated by regulated third-party sources on airports.

These include common operational vehicles like aircraft tugs and other ground service equipment (GSE), in addition to buses or shared-ride shuttles that provide guest transportation to and from an airport.

"The success of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme is both an inspiration and a challenge to the airport industry," said ACI-NA President and CEO, Kevin Burke.

"While earning certification in this programme is difficult, airports must be innovative in finding new ways to reduce carbon emissions in order to renew their certification.

"I am delighted airports like Los Angeles International and Van Nuys general aviation are continually striving to do their part to be good partners within their communities and in the global aviation system by promoting sustainability and environmentally responsible practices."


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