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NEWS Last modified on October 25, 2017

Christchurch Airport unveils its long-term vision to 2040

Expanding and "refreshing" the terminal building to focus on the passenger experience and create greater operational flexibility are key goals of Christchurch Airport's vision for 2040, which it revealed earlier today.

The gateway, which underpins NZ$2.1 billion in regional GDP and is responsible for 63,000 jobs, believes that its blueprint for the future champions the economic, social and sustainability outcomes for Christchurch and South Island.

“The airport is the South Island’s gateway for visitors, airfreight and business and by 2040 is projected to have 20,000 people working here,” says airoort chief executive, Malcolm Johns.
Johns says the airport reviews its long-term planning for land-use and infrastructure every ten years, and the rlease of video today shares that thinking, which has been underway for almost two years.

“Christchurch Airport is a leader in future thinking, as demonstrated through our partnership in the country’s first autonomous vehicle trial and the world-first partnership with Alibaba," he enthuses.

"We are conscious that the airport currently underpins the generation of NZ$2.1 billion dollars in regional GDP and that creates more than 60,000 jobs.”

Johns says the 2040 airport would also see Memorial Avenue extended, to create a “grand avenue” to an expanded terminal to cater for forecast passenger growth.
And a series of minor runway extensions would cater for larger and more frequent aircraft, without a need for major changes to the airfield or noise impacts in residential areas. 

He says the latest master plan gives the airport a framework to deliver future growth while making the most of exciting innovations in technology and sustainable management, which are likely to form an important part of society’s evolution over the next 20-30 years.

An animated video showing key aspects of the 2040 Vision and summary document available here http://christchurchairport.co.nz/en/about-us/media-centre/media-releases/2017/christchurch-airport-2040-revealed/


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