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NEWS Last modified on October 26, 2017

Halifax Stanfield to host inaugural ASQ Forum and Customer Excellence Global Summit

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is to host ACI World's inaugural Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Forum and Customer Excellence Global Summit in September 2018.

“ACI is delighted that Halifax Stanfield will be the first to host the inaugural Customer Excellence Global Summit,” said ACI World's director general, Angela Gittens.

“They have proven themselves dedicated to continuous improvement of the customer experience at the airport, using the feedback they receive from their customers through the ASQ programme as a management tool.

"Their ASQ Award demonstrates the success of their efforts.

"This event is truly a response to the high priority airports place on providing excellent service to the passenger while at the airport.”

While Halfiax International Airport Authority's president and CEO, Joyce Carter, enthused: “We are extremely pleased to be chosen to host this event next year.

“It is a perfect fit given our airport’s past and continued success in ASQ on the international stage and it provides us with a wonderful opportunity to showcase our city to attendees from around the globe.”

The ACI conference – to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, between September 9-13 next year – will combine the traditional multiple ASQ Forums held throughout the year into one international annual ASQ Forum and Summit.

ACI believes the new format provides the industry with a much needed platform to exchange best-practice and lessons learned on providing the airport customer experience, challenges and trends, and how ever-evolving technology impacts customer experience management.

The one-day Forum and following two-day Summit will be open to ASQ subscribers as well as those airports who desire information about the ASQ programme.

In addition to the Forum and the Conference, the event will include a Gala dinner and the prestigious annual ASQ Awards Ceremony.

The tripartite event is expected to attract a large number of delegates and provide Halifax Stanfield, the city and province with international exposure and business development opportunities.

The decision for Halifax Stanfield to host was confirmed last week at the ACI Annual General Assembly in Port Louis, Mauritius, where this year’s ASQ Awards Ceremony was held.

Halifax Stanfield received recognition for overall passenger satisfaction in North America in the 2016 ratings, receiving an award for third place in North America.

“Being acknowledged by our passengers is a true honour," said Carter.

"We believe recognition like this comes as a result of great co-operation and collaboration among everyone in our airport community and these awards validate our unique approach to the customer experience.”

ASQ Awards are presented to airports whose passengers have rated them the highest over the course of a year, based on their demonstrated commitment to providing excellent customer experience.

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