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NEWS Last modified on November 10, 2017

London Heathrow's cargo volumes hit record October high

Heathrow has enjoyed its best ever month for cargo volumes since records began.

An October high of 150,000 tonnes of freight passed through the UK hub last month – up 9.2% compared to the same period last year.

It is the first time that over 150,000 tonnes of cargo have been handled at the gateway in a single month and marked the 15th month in a row that the airport has set new monthly cargo records.

The airport recently launched its Blueprint for Sustainable Freight, outlining practical steps the airport proposes to take to address the impact and number of freight vehicles around the airport whilst continuing to increase cargo volumes.

Heathrow also welcomed over 6.5 million passengers in October – a rise of 2.8% on the corresponding month a year ago.  

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “Record passenger and cargo figures underline Heathrow’s position as a critical national asset. 

"We remain on track to expand Heathrow in a way that is affordable, financeable and which meets all our environmental obligations, securing Britain’s place as one of the world’s great trading nations in the early years of Brexit.”

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