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NEWS Last modified on November 10, 2017

Sydney Airport's annual Lost & Found auction raises A$150,000 for charity

Sydney Airport's annual Lost & Found Auction has raised more than A$150,000 for charity.

The annual sale of items left behind or lost at the airport, will benefit six local community charities.

Sydney Airport's managing director and CEO, Kerrie Mather, thanked the public for getting behind the charity auction.

“We’re thrilled to have raised $150,000 for charities doing great work in Sydney through our Lost Property Auction,” enthused Mather.

“It’s a great opportunity for the public to get behind a worthy cause and help charities supporting people in need, including Indigenous women, victims of domestic violence, asylum seekers and vulnerable young people.
SYD A380
“Thanks to everyone who made a bid for good and contributed to this stellar result for charity.”

Sydney Community Foundation's CEO, Jane Jose, said the organisation was proud to partner with Sydney Airport for the first time.

“Sydney Community Foundation was thrilled to combine our knowledge of grassroots community need in suburbs near Sydney Airport to ensure high impact community benefit from the granting from Sydney Airport’s 2017 Bid for Good Lost Property Auction.” 

The annual Sydney Airport Lost Property Auction for charity was held online from Wednesday,  October 11 to Thursday, October 19.

Hundreds of people attended the public viewing day on Tuesday, October 10, with thousands more logging on to bid online.

The item which raised the highest price this year was a Leica M9 camera, which sold for a bargain price of $4,050.

Other big ticket items included an Apple MacBook Pro, men’s and women’s watches, and a Gucci handbag.

The auction forms part of Sydney Airport’s community investment strategy which seeks to support local communities and help them to thrive, including in the areas of community arts and culture, education and employment, women and girls, and community cohesion.



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