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NEWS Last modified on November 13, 2017

Over 100 runners take part in Sydney Airport's annual Runway Run

Around 100 people raced across one of Sydney Airport’s iconic runways this morning, as the airport officially launched its Community Christmas Giving Appeal in partnership with Cure Cancer Australia.

One of the most exciting community sporting and charity events of the year, the Runway Run gives members of the public the unique opportunity to access the airfield and raise funds for charity.

Sydney Airport's managing director and CEO, Kerrie Mather, said the Runway Run is a highlight of the airport’s Christmas calendar.

“It’s fantastic to see so many members of our community lacing up their sneakers and treading the tarmac in support of a worthy cause,” she enthused.
“We’re really proud of Sydney Airport’s Community Christmas Giving Appeal, which unites the airport and wider community to raise funds for charity.

“This year, we’re thrilled to support Cure Cancer Australia and Australia’s brightest emerging scientists in the area of cancer research.

"Christmas is a time for giving and we encourage everyone to get involved and give the gift of hope to help to find a cure for cancer.”

Cure Cancer Australia CEO Floyd Larsen, noted: “Seeing 100 participants, including fitness fanatics, families and aviation enthusiasts, take to the runway in their Cure Cancer Australia BARBECURE aprons and Santa hats was a wonderful reminder of the dedication and commitment of our supporters.
“The Runway Run marks the launch of our partnership with Sydney Airport at the Community Christmas Giving Appeal, which today saw us unveil our Digital Trees of Hope in both the Domestic and International airport terminals. 

"Further underpinning our commitment to innovation, this exciting digital initiative allows anyone passing through the airport to upload their selfie to the trees and spread their personal message of hope.

“The appeal also includes opportunities to donate online and in-terminal through Tap-N-Donate machines at participating retailers, along with coin collection volunteers and Rotary bins for foreign currency.”

Highlights of the Runway Run included a 100m Kids Dash, 500m Seriously Fun Run and Competitive Sprint. The 2017 Runway Run Champion was Peter Gillis, while Ciaran Delaney won both the Kids Dash and Seriously Fun Run.
Jane Flemming OAM, former Australian Olympic track and field athlete and breast cancer survivor, also proudly participated in the event with her family.

The annual Sydney Airport Community Christmas Giving Appeal has raised more than a million dollars for charity over the past five years.

It is part of Sydney Airport’s community investment strategy, which seeks to contribute to and enrich the communities surrounding the airport.

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