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NEWS Last modified on November 13, 2017

Frankfurt Airport unveils Terminal 1's new-look Departures Hall B

Frankfurt Airport has unveiled its new-look Departures Hall B, located at the heart of Terminal 1, just in time for the busy Xmas holidays.

According to the airport, the departures hall is now brighter and more open, green and welcoming for passengers.

It also means that Departures Hall B is once again able to function as a central marketplace and meeting point at Frankfurt Airport.

Airport operator, Fraport, claims that its newly opened Frankfurt Airport Bistro has plenty to offer passengers, including freshly baked on-site bread and rolls and pizzas.

The pizza oven is in use around the clock, and the grill prepares steaks, fish, and burgers. 
The new restaurant is flanked on both sides by green waiting areas.

"The lush greenery shields the modern seating groups from the bustle of the terminal both visually and in terms of atmosphere," says the airport.

"The new lighting concept immerses the waiting areas and bistro in a pleasant, warm light and creates an ambience of comfort in this part of the busy terminal."

The information desk also has a new look that complements the overall impression of Departures Hall B, according to Fraport. 

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