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NEWS Last modified on November 15, 2017

Denver International Airport's new F&B outlet set to be a smash hit

Passengers at Denver International Airport (DEN) can now enjoy the first full-service Smashburger in what is now the Denver-based company’s flagship location.

The new 2,327 square-foot Smashburger restaurant is located on the Concourse C and is open from 6am to 10pm daily.

“Denver International Airport is excited to welcome Smashburger, a Colorado-based company with growing international recognition, to our expanding line-up of great dining options,” said Patrick Heck, DEN’s chief commercial officer.
“Not only will the restaurant bring its lauded line of burgers to passengers on the go, but it will also offer full dining service and a full bar in a first-of-its-kind concept for the company.

"We think passengers will love this combination of service and quality food while waiting for a flight.”

A second Smashburger is set to open on the Concourse B in spring 2018.
It will boast a fun, two-level layout featuring more than 3,573 square feet. Both restaurants will be operated by Midfield Concession Enterprises.

“People traveling through DEN have been looking for a better burger experience,” said Tom Ryan, founder and CEO of Smashburger

 “We are honoured to bring our hometown’s first full-service Smashburger into DEN and excited to be part of this dynamic airport community.
"Our partnership with Midfield Concession Enterprises promises to be both exciting and added-value to the brand.”

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