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NEWS Last modified on November 15, 2017

Awards for Sydney Airport and praise for outgoing president and CEO, Kerrie Mather

Sydney Airport has won the Australian Airports Association’s prestigious Airport of the Year Award.

The AAA National Airport Industry Awards, held last night in Adelaide, celebrate and honour excellence within Australia’s airport industry.

“It’s a huge honour for Sydney Airport to be recognised as the Australian airport of the year by our industry peers,” enthused Kerrie Mather, Sydney Airport's managing director and chief executive officer.
SYD A380

“I’d like to acknowledge my leadership team, staff and airport partners for their contribution to making Sydney Airport Australia’s premier airport.”

The airport also won the Airport Innovation and Excellence – Operations Award for its state-of-the-art Integrated Operations Centre.

Mather was recognised at the event for her outstanding contribution to the airport industry, including her leadership role in driving aviation and tourism growth.

“I’m very grateful and humbled to receive the Outstanding Contribution to the Airport Industry Award, and I’m proud to be part of Australia’s dynamic and diverse aviation industry,” she said.
Syd award
“I’ve been privileged to spend most of my career in aviation and infrastructure, both internationally and locally, and I can honestly say that Australian airports are among the best in class airports in the world with the calibre of industry talent to match.

“During my time with Sydney Airport over the past 15 years, I’ve focused on improving the airport experience, enhancing operational efficiency and putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.

“I’ve very much enjoyed the collaborative relationships we’ve formed at Sydney Airport, working with our airline, government and industry partners to grow tourism for the benefit of Sydney, NSW and Australia.

“I’m supported by a strong team, whom I’m enormously proud of, and this award is testament to their hard work and dedication.”

AAA CEO, Caroline Wilkie, acknowledged Mather’s significant contribution to the aviation industry.

“Kerrie’s been a transformative influence on the Australian aviation sector during a time of significant growth and change,” said Wilkie

“She’s not only led a significant investment program at Sydney Airport, she’s also forged strong partnerships with government, industry and the community to support economic growth and lead tourism development.

“Kerrie’s oversight of Australia’s busiest airport has been truly outstanding, with many in the industry also benefiting from her advice and mentorship over the course of their careers.”

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