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NEWS Last modified on November 16, 2017

Costco to open new warehouse at Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) can expect quite a few more visitors in the coming years following the announcement that COSTCO is to open a new warehouse on the airport site.

The new location for grocery and household shopping, fuel and pharmacy and optical services is expected to open in late 2018.

It will be COSTCO’s seventh facility in the Edmonton Metro Region.

COSTCO Wholesale Corporation is constructing a 154,000 square foot warehouse next to the Queen Elizabeth II Highway as part of the regional aerotropolis project at EIA.

The facility will include a gas station and liquor store pod. Over 250 COSTCO employees will be hired to work at the new warehouse.

“The Edmonton Metro Region was one of the first Canadian markets that welcomed Costco Wholesale – and it continues to be a strong market for us," said Russ Miller, senior vice president and general manager for COSTCO Wholesale in Western Canada.

"This opening at EIA will provide some welcome relief to our members shopping at our warehouse in South Commons." 

The warehouse will join the Premium Outlet collection at EIA, Fairfield Inn by Marriot, Century Mile and Red Cup Distillery as major draws to EIA and ultimately the region.

Shopping is already a powerful draw for people coming to Edmonton and a cluster of specialty shopping, dining, entertainment and hotel facilities adjacent to the airport will make the region even more attractive.

Cargo companies at EIA can also assist travelling shoppers at EIA by shipping their purchases to their home, or other locations, without the shoppers having to carry their purchases themselves.

“Naturally we are overjoyed to have COSTCO locate at EIA,” said Myron Keehn, EIA's vice president of commercial development.

“COSTCO will give regional and even international travellers a strong incentive to use EIA as a connection or stop here for a few days, and will make the Edmonton Metro Region that much more appealing as a destination.

"More people coming here to shop means a boost to the regional economy.”

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