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NEWS Last modified on November 21, 2017

Green light for remote control tower operations at Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport's remote ATC tower is ready for take-off after being given the green light by the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority.

The solution, provided by Searidge Technologies, has been certified for live operations, without restrictions, at Budapest Airport (BUD).

As a result, live services can be provided from the remote tower (rTWR) with no capacity restrictions and no shadow operation is needed from the current physical tower.
“HungaroControl and Searidge have created a strong partnership and together have achieved remarkable things,” explains Kornél Szepessy, CEO, HungaroControl.  

“Our combined efforts have not only resulted in a certified remote tower for Budapest airport, but also created an opportunity for us to share what we have learned to help other air navigation service providers with their remote tower programmes.”

At the end of last year, HungaroControl and Searidge successfully completed live trials of its’ integrated Remote Tower at Budapest airport.

Close to 600 movements were managed during the trial period, without any limitation or constraints regarding the scheduled traffic.
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All responsibilities were delegated to a fully seated shift, including four ATCOs and a supervisor (a total of 13 ATCOs participated in the trial) providing smooth and fluent air traffic control services. 

The certified system will be used for contingency operations, live training and as a back-up system, but by 2018, HungaroControl’s goal is to operate a full-time remote tower in Budapest.

“We are happy to have been given the opportunity to showcase the strength of our technology and reconfirm its’ viability to provide safe, efficient control services,” said Moodie Cheikh, CEO, Searidge Technologies.

“HungaroControl now has the busiest certified remote tower, and we look forward to continuing our momentum with them as we they move towards their longer-term vision for the system.”


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