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NEWS Last modified on November 22, 2017

Redmond Municipal Airport to open its own library

Bookworms take note, tomorrow marks the opening of a new public library at Redmond Municipal Airport in Oregon.

The US gateway calls the new facility its 'Flybrary' and predicts that it is a place where books will "fly off the shelves and hopefully, others land in their place".

A new partnership between the Redmond Municipal Airport and the Deschutes Public Library, it provides passengers access to a collection of free books for their travels as well as books available for download on the Deschutes Public Library’s 'Libby' app.

Many airports across the country are partnering with local libraries to expand reading opportunities for passengers who often have plenty of time while waiting for a flight.

The “Flybrary is a fresh spin on the charitable 'pay-it-forward' approach being popularised around the world,” says Redmond Airport director, Zachary Bass.

“We ask travellers to take a book if they need one while travelling and leave books for others to share on the Flybrary shelves here at RDM.” 

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The two 'mini-libraries' are situated on both sides of security so travellers leaving for a flight or waiting for one to arrive have access to the books.

The airport/library partnership also takes advantage of complimentary airport Wi-Fi and the fact that many people now travel with an eReader, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device.

Passengers can also take advantage of the Library’s 'Libby' app to access millions of eBooks and audiobooks from the Deschutes Public Library (and thousands of other libraries across the country).

“We hope passengers take advantage of this fun opportunity to read, download and share their favourite books with other fellow travellers,” notes Deschutes Public Library director, Todd Dunkelberg.

“We are excited to partner with the airport on this inventive service for travellers.”


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