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NEWS Last modified on November 22, 2017

Local farmers open store selling their produce at Quito International Airport

Quito International Airport's efforts to be a good neighbour to its surrounding communities has extended to the opening of an airport shop, run by locals and selling only locally farmed produce.

The outlet, Nuestra Huerta (Our Garden), is located across the street from the terminal building and sells produce from 16 farmers and their families from Puembo, Pifo, Tababela, Yaruqui and Checa.

Andrew O’Brian, president and CEO of airport operator, Corporación Quiport, says that the store's opening is the culmination of a project that began three years ago.

“Since opening in 2013, Quiport has focused on improving the quality of life of our neighboring populations. As such we have encouraged projects involving empowerment, production development, and links with the communities," says O'Brian.
"Today, we proudly open this store which represents the possibility of collaboration between an airport and the communities surrounding it."

Conceived as an entrepreneurial project derived from Quiport’s Social Management Plan, with the technical support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Nuestra Huerta evolved towards a shared value scheme; that is, as a strategy that analyses the social environment in which an organisation performs, to renew its processes and generate profits while impacting communities positively.

The first stage of Nuestra Huerta was focused on training plans for the residents of the area.

Once they developed their capabilities their products were delivered to employees of airport companies, thus creating a productive chain.
Rebecca NH
Once the project was consolidated, Nuestra Huerta producers founded the community enterprise named Productora Agrícola Alpachaca Muyverde Cia Ltda, allowing them to manage the store located inside the airport.

“Since the beginning of airport construction we saw the possibility of helping our families," says the organisation's president,  Rebeca Baquero.

"Now that Nuestra Huerta is operating our wishes have become a reality and we are confident that our products will be well received by our visitors."


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