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NEWS Last modified on December 8, 2017

Copenhagen Airport to reduce airline fees in 2018

Copenhagen Airport might be a little more attractive to the world's airlines next year after the Danish gateway announced that it is to reduce its charges in 2018. 

Operator, Copehnagen Airports A/S, says that the move means that on average, airlines will pay 10% less to use the airport from April 1, 2018.

"In July, the government presented the new aviation strategy focused on strengthening Denmark's international connectivity and Danish domestic aviation," explains Copenhagen Airport's chairman, Lars Nørby Johansen.

"As a result of the aviation strategy, we have new regulation, though it will not take full effect until April 2019.
"Both from the political side and from airlines, there has been a wish for lower airport charges. We've listened to that.

"At the same time, we want to respond to the new regulation now and create a good common starting point for the upcoming charges negotiations. Therefore, we will be reducing charges from April 2018 through two specific initiatives.

"Firstly, we're reducing the charges that all airlines pay to use the airport. Furthermore, we're introducing a special incentive scheme that will make charges 35% lower for frequent feeder flights between regional airports and CPH. Overall, CPH's charges will be 10% lower from April 2018."

According to the airport, its new incentive scheme will mean that its charges are 35% lower for flights between CPH and regional airports such as Billund, Bornholm, Midtjylland, Sønderborg, Aalborg and Aarhus, as well as Bergen, Gothenburg, Stavanger, Vilnius and Gdansk.
Johansen notes that the reduction in charges is part of an overall strategy to strengthen Copenhagen airport's position as a North European hub.

"We want to strengthen our hub status, so the lower prices will particularly benefit airlines that fly several times daily on the shorter routes between CPH and the regional airports," adds Johansen.

"In this way, we're continuing our efforts to connect up the whole of Denmark more closely."
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It is estimated that the 10% reduction in charges will cost the airport around DKK300 million annually.

The airport hopes that the considerable price reduction for, in particular, the feeder routes will lead to consolidation and growth in hub traffic.

"We anticipate that the airlines will welcome the price reduction and respond with increased activity and growth," says Lars Nørby Johansen.

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