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NEWS Last modified on December 13, 2017

Melbourne Airport unveils new play space for kids

Melbourne Airport in Australia has officially unveiled a new children’s playground as part of the new look retail and dining precinct in the T2 International Terminal.

The airport's chief of retail, Andrew Gardiner, believes that the new innovation, in partnership with Innovative Retail, will make lots of families very happy.

“We are committed to continually improving traveller experience at the airport," says Gardiner.

"With more families travelling with children at Christmas time, than any other time of the year, it’s great to be able to provide an innovative playspace to keep youngsters entertained while their parents relax in our brand new retail and dining precinct at Terminal 2.” 
childs play
The playspace consists of an innovative rope climbing structure to help children develop their hand eye coordination.

It also features a line of sculptural connected cubes made from PLAYTIME SoftPlay systems that are designed for children to create their own fun through non-prescriptive play. 

CEO of Innovative Retail, Dale Smorgon, says: “We’ve worked closely with Melbourne Airport to deliver a colourful and engaging playspace that seamlessly fits within the Terminal, as well as catering to the needs of families and children travelling at Christmas time and throughout the year. 

“We wanted to create a fun experience for the whole family, for kids to get active and be creative in the playspace, while parents relax before their flight and enjoy food from favourites such as Brunetti, Two Johns and the newly announced BaXa.”
Innovative Retail drew on their 25 years of experience to design the playground to suit children aged two to 10 years old to help encourage kids development through play. 

“This is the second playground we’ve created for an airport in Australia, and the first to include a rope climbing structure," adds Smorgon.

"We are seeing a growing trend for airports and shopping centres alike looking for solutions to support families.

"Our recent research found that 90% of shoppers agreed that having play facilities to entertain children at shopping centres enhanced the overall experience in the centre.” 

The new playground is located at Gate 11 in the food and beverage precinct of the brand new T2 International Terminal at Melbourne Airport.  

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