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NEWS Last modified on December 15, 2017

Singapore Changi unveils new-look Central Piazza in Transit Hall of Terminal 3

The newly refurbished Central Piazza in the Transit Hall at Singapore Changi's Terminal 3 features the airport’s latest feature garden made up of elegant glass dandelion sculptures – the Crystal Garden

The Crystal Garden is brought to life by tiered garden beds incorporating a curated selection of flowering plants and 12 spheres of artisan dandelion glass sculptures in varying sizes.

Said to be inspired by the flora and fauna of the other gardens at Changi, the airport says that the glass sculptures glow with luminance, "creating the illusion that they are floating on pools of water or swaying in a breeze".

It adds that they "offer passengers a captivating and unforgettable experience amidst a garden of lights".

Prominently nestled in the heart of the Central Piazza behind the Crystal Garden is the brand new Louis Vuitton store which opened its doors today.
As the luxury brand’s first duplex airport store in the world, it is a travel destination itself with its unique architectural elements.

Joining the ranks of The Shilla Duty Free’s Cosmetics & Perfumes duplex and the DFS Wines & Spirits duplex at the Central Piazza, CAG claims that Louis Vuitton’s arrival at Changi Airport completes the trio of duplexes at T3’s Central Transit Hall, "lifting passengers’ retail experience another notch up".

A linkway at the mezzanine level above the Crystal Garden connects all the duplex stores and offers passengers the luxury of browsing seamlessly across the three retail spaces.

Lim Peck Hoon, Changi Airport Group's executive vice president of commercial, said: “The Crystal Garden is designed to engage the senses of travellers while capturing the carefree spirit of travel, as it greets travellers when they first step into T3’s Transit Hall.

"Besides the enriched offering of luxury goods, cosmopolitan travellers can look forward to an engaging retail experience in the revolutionary two-storey Louis Vuitton boutique.

"Without a doubt, Louis Vuitton’s definitive French charm and distinct travel heritage plays up Changi’s image as a world-class shopping destination. We are delighted to welcome Louis Vuitton to Changi Airport.”
Specially conceptualised for the Central Piazza, the Crystal Garden is the seventh feature garden at Changi Airport.

It comprises 1,735 Bohemian glass components hand blown with different finishes, giving the sculpture richness and texture.

CAG notes that the new garden embraces the philosophy that nature soothes, offering an "interesting juxtaposition of poetic calm amidst a burst of colour and activity".

Behind the Louis Vuitton duplex store, the Central Piazza also offers a new open lounge with plush seating and soft lighting, a dedicated working area and individual charging points, all carefully designed to enhance the T3 experience for all travellers.

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