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NEWS Last modified on December 20, 2017

Vanderlande wins BHS contract for Taiwan Taoyuan's new Terminal 3

Taoyuan International Airport Corporation has awarded Vanderlande a contract to supply a state-of-the-art baggage handling system (BHS) at its new terminal.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport's new Terminal 3, scheduled for completion in 2020, will ensure that it is equipped to meet rapidly rising demand for the forseeable future.

For this project, Vanderlande has formed a consortium with its local partner Kenmec to deliver a BHS capable of accommodating up to 19,200 bags per hour.

At the current time, TTIA’s two existing terminals (T1 and T2), are operated individually without a connection between the two systems.

However, upon completion of T3, all three terminals will be connected with Vanderlande’s automated individual carrier system (ICS) – TUBTRAX.

This, says Vanderlande, will result in a significant improvement to TTIA’s operational efficiency and tracking accuracy, as well as enhancing the experience for passengers.
Taiwan Taoyuan
Vanderlande’s solution in T3 will comprise 206 check-in counters distributed over six islands.

Baggage will be transferred from the check-in area via the transport conveyors connected to four tilt tray sorters located at the main baggage hall.

Bags will then pass through security screening before transfer to either the designated make-up carousels, EBS (early bag store) area, or other terminals via TUBTRAX. 

“We were delighted to be awarded the TTIA T3 project,” says Vanderlande’s executive vice president for airports and Board member, Andrew Manship.

”This project will be an important step in developing Vanderlande’s ICS capabilities in the Asia Pacific region, and we look forward to delivering this project successfully.”

TTIA is expecting to handle 60 million passengers by 2030.

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