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NEWS Last modified on December 21, 2017

Swedavia agrees €200 million loan to help fund new Arlanda pier

Swedavia has agreed the terms of a €200 million loan from the Nordic Investment Bank to help fund the construction of a new pier at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

With passenger numbers travelling through Stockholm Arlanda expected to grow by an average of 2.3% annually until 2050, the new pier is seen as a key new addition to the airport's infrastructure.

The new pier will be constructed in Terminal 5 and, according to Swedavia, will add "new aircraft stands and receive larger types of aircraft".

It forms part Swedavia's wider investment programme to improve the gateway's infrastructure, levels of service and capacity for larger traffic volumes at several Swedish airports.

The loan agreement with the Nordic Investment Bank matures in 10 yearts and will help finance the airport expansion.
Arlanda light
"The loan supports our continued work in building the airports of the future," enthuses Swedavia president and CEO, Jonas Abrahamsson.

"Through NIB we diversify our funding sources and receive cost-effective borrowing with longer maturities."

NIB president and CEO, Henrik Norman,  comments:"Swedavia is a strong and long-term player with extensive knowledge and environmental awareness in building and developing the airports of the future."

Swedavia has an environmental strategy in place and aims to be fossil-free in our own airport operations by 2020.

Furthermore, the company has a guideline to BREEAM certify new construction of strategical interest in their operations.

The construction of the new pier will begin in 2020 and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

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