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NEWS Last modified on January 2, 2018

New incentive programme for charter flights at Rio de Janeiro gateway

Rio de Janeiro's Tom Jobim International Airport has initiated a new incentive programme for charter flights to boost tourism to the city.

Operator, RIOgaleão – working in partnership with Swissport, BR Aviation and Gate Gourmet – has unveiled a series of discounts on airport services that it says are "designed to attract more flights and drive tourism, new business, and the city’s economic development."

Indeed, it believes that the "benefits and advantages" offered in its new International Charter Incentives Programme will help grow Rio de Janeiro's status as a top tourism destination.

The scheme includes the full exemption of landing fees, and up to 30% discounts on groundhandling and catering services.

The new Incentives Program also provides the opportunity for customised services such as pecialised infrastructure for charter groups and assistance in identifying and facilitating contact with local tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, tourist attractions and logistics companies.

And the package includes special rates for the airport’s VIP lounges and exclusive benefits at shops and restaurants.
Rio Gale
Patrick Fehring, RIOgaleão’s director for strategic development and cargo, is confident that the new incentives programme will act as a catalyst for tourism.

"We want to show that RIOgaleão and Rio de Janeiro are ready to welcome tourists," he enthuses, noting that the city underwent huge changes to make itself more tourist freindly ahead of hosting football's World Cup finals and the Olympic Games in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

"Rio now has a larger hotel network, with international brands serving different public," continues Fehring.

"At the same time, we transformed the airport. We have made it more comfortable, efficient, high-tech and safe, with more services and a new concept of travel, with exclusive experiences for passengers and airlines.

"RIOgaleão continues to develop customised projects in partnership with other market players, believing there are still more opportunities for growth.

"This initiative to attract chartered flights will result in the arrival of new operations which, with the increase in tourism demand in the city, may leverage regular flights."


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