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NEWS Last modified on January 9, 2018

Dublin Airport teams up with Coindrum for retail offering

Dublin Airport has teamed up with Coindrum to offer a unique customer service for travelling passengers. 

Once through security, passengers can now deposit their unwanted coins into a Coindrum machine and receive a voucher to spend in The Loop Duty Free worth 110% of their deposit.

Jack MacGowan, CEO of Dublin’s duty-free operator ARI, enthuses: “Coindrum is a great service and as an Irish innovation we are proud to offer it to passengers in Dublin Airport. It's another great way to save money in The Loop duty free.”

The launch tops off a successful year for Coindrum. The Irish start-up is now operating in nine international airports, recently expanding with market leaders Dufry in Milan, and has deals in place to rapidly expand in 2018.

Lukas Decker, founder and CEO of Coindrum, said "Coindrum is delighted to expand in Dublin Airport. Passengers can now exchange their coins for duty free vouchers in all terminals."

Coindrum have recently moved their operation to a new global logistics centre in Dublin and just won the ‘Speciality Concept of the Year’ at the Frontier Awards in Cannes.

They are backed by numerous high-profile travel tech investors including Declan Ryan (Founder of Ryanair), Bobby Healy (Co-founder of CarTrawler) and Tom Kennedy (Co-founder of Hostelworld).

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