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NEWS Last modified on January 9, 2018

Travel Retail Vilnius extends contract at Lithuania's capital city airport

Travel Retail Vilnius has successfully extended its travel retail concession at Vilnius International Airport in Lithuania for at least another six years.

It has operated ten shops at gateway under the Heinemann Duty Free and Travel Value Vilnius brand since 2008.

The Lithuanian company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gebr Heinemann, one of the leading companies in travel retail worldwide.

As part of the contract extension, the shops will receive a fresh design and surface concept in the coming months.

Indeed, it prromises that "a completely new shopping experience is being planned" for the more than 3.8 million passengers who use the airport every year.
The revamp, promises Heinemann, means that passengers can look forward to an extended product range featuring international and local brands and a larger sales area.

“We are really happy about the contract extension and the good partnership with Vilnius International Airport, which will continue long-term,” says Bernard Schlafstein, Gebr Heinemann's sales director Russia/CIS.

“In the last ten years, we have invested a lot in the Lithuanian market, including the job market, and we are convinced that we will continue to be able to offer passengers in Vilnius an exciting shopping experience which will also focus on local brands.”

Lithuania Airports CEO, Gediminas Almantas, is also delighted by the new deal.

"The Hanseatic company has been our strategic, sustainable and preferred partner of Lithuanian airports already for the last ten years,” he says.

“Before the end of 2017, Heinemann submitted the best bid for the Vilnius airport duty free operation, including a sensational design concept.
"The proposal includes the extension of the commercial area up to 1,500 square metres and substantial improvement of both retail facilities and quality at Vilnius airport for the next six years.”

Travel Retail Vilnius currently has ten shops distributed over a total of 1,060 square metres at the capital’s airport.

In future, it will have six shops spread across 1,500 square metres, a large walkthrough shop and a shop in the non-Schengen area will be built. 

In addition, four shops in the Schengen area will be enlarged and receive a new look.

The contract exension at Vilnius International Airport follows the opening of three new Heinemann Duty Free and Travel Value shops at Kaunas Airport in the summer of 2017. 

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