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NEWS Last modified on January 23, 2018

Hamburg Airport officially launches new self bag drop kiosks

Hamburg Airport today officially unveiled its new automated baggage drop kiosks, which it is confident will make the check-in process quicker, easier and more convenient for passengers.

The ten kiosks, which were actually introduced in Terminal 1 last November, are complemented by four existing self-service check-in machines.

Developed and manufactured by Materna GmbH the kiosks are technically equipped to provide services for all airlines, although initially the “self bag drop” process will only be used by Air France, KLM and easyJet.

“We are very happy with the system’s stability,” says Hamburg Airport’s director of aviation, Johannes Scharnberg, noting that using them hasn’t proved a problem for passengers.

“Many of our passengers have already discovered the benefits of the kiosks for themselves and given us very positive feedback. We have hardly encountered any technical anxiety on the part of our passengers.

“The system is straightforward and self-explanatory. Staff are on hand to provide personal support with the process at any time. So, nobody needs to worry about being stuck with a machine and no human help.”

According to the German gateway, being user-friendly and able to meet the highest security standards were the most important technical requirements imposed on the manufacturer.
Self Bag Drop 11
It also notes that the design of the complete system fits well in the architecture and atmosphere of the terminals.

“With our Danish partner, Marcus Pedersen, we found an attractive solution,” says Dr Georg Oschmann, executive vice president for mobility at Materna.

“And with numerous self-service projects at over 70 airports worldwide behind us, we have a great deal of experience in the implementation of self-service solutions for passenger handling.”

Hamburg Airport has taken a pioneering role in the deployment of self-service systems in Germany.

The first 'self bag drop' kiosks were introduced here three years ago. The new solution, however, adds features such as baggage classification.

“The kiosks immediately detect items that shouldn’t be conveyed using the automated baggage transportation system,” explains Reinhard Augustin, Materna's sales director.

“The passenger is then informed via the display that the item is to be checked as oversized baggage. This applies, for example, to folded strollers and prams, as well as to trekking backpacks with dangling shoulder straps that could block the conveyor system.”

Checked items are automatically photographed.

“In the event of damage or loss, for example, this makes it easier for the passenger to prove that the baggage was in good condition when it was checked in,” adds Augustin. 


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