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NEWS Last modified on February 9, 2018

Norwegian Seafood exports driving huge increase in cargo volumes at Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport saw a huge increase in air cargo in 2017, the biggest volumes of which were exports of fresh Norwegian seafood.

According to airport operator, Avinor, the gateway handled 185,000 tonnes of air cargo last year – a whopping 35% increase on 2016.

“The biggest volumes in air cargo at Oslo Airport today are in fresh Norwegian seafood, which is exported to global markets," enthuses Avinor's cargo director, Martin Langaas.

"This is good news for the Norwegian seafood industry, which during last year has increased its competitiveness further, thanks to better connectivity and capacity directly out of Norway."
Several new cargo airlines chose to add Oslo Airport to their network last year, which according to Avinor "helped to reduce the onward journey length of Norwegian seafood and to increase capacity significantly".

Atlas Air with direct flights to Seoul, CAL with direct flights to Tel Aviv, Turkish Cargo to Istanbul and DHL with its service between Lakselv and Oslo Airport, were all new routes from Norway’s main airport in 2017.

Seafood industry wants Oslo to be a hub

“Norway generated just under 230,000 tonnes of seafood as air cargo in 2017. Of this volume, 39% flew directly out of Norway from Oslo Airport”, notes Langaas.

The remaining 61%was transported by trucks to other airports in Northern and Central Europe, but this is something which Avinor and the seafood industry would like to change.

“We want to ensure that as much seafood as possible can reach its global markets directly from Norway," adds Langaas. "It saves time and allows the seafood industry to get its products out to the world as quickly as possible.
Oslo cargo
"Direct flights for seafood from Oslo Airport will also help to reduce the number of heavy goods vehicle convoys which have to drive from Norway down to Central Europe, where the seafood is loaded onto planes for its onward journeys.

“The figures for 2017 and the previous year show that there is plenty of appetite in the industry for capacity on direct flights, and that more Norwegian seafood is being flown directly out of Norway. That is important for the Norwegian seafood industry and for value creation throughout Norway”.

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