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NEWS Last modified on February 26, 2018

Colourful new food trucks offer tasty snacks at Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport has come up with a novel way of feeding and entertaining passengers waiting for fights in the Schengen Area of the terminal – five food trucks serving a variety of dishes from different corners of the globe!

Introduced as part of a ‘Food Truck Festival’, the five trucks serve everything from Neapolitan pizza and soft rolls with egg and bacon to mini burgers and authentic Mexican food, in addition to a host of different drinks. 

"The Food Truck Festival is a concept inspired by global and Norwegian food trends,” explains the airport’s commercial manager, Per Rune Lunderby.
Oslo food2
“The festival is designed to inject an urban, vibrant atmosphere inspired by the streets of Oslo into the airport.

"We’re hoping it will deliver a great experience for travellers.”

Per Christensen, managing director of concessionaire, HMSHost-Umoe F&B Company, enthuses: “We are pleased that we can offer international street food with menus that vary both in size and in price, featuring food that can be served directly from the truck.
Oslo food3
“You can either eat in the large restaurant area on the second floor or take your food with you to the gate or onto the aircraft. The food is served in a way that makes it easy to take with you on board.”

The trucks comprise Pizza Wheel (Neapolitan pizza); Number Juan (Mexican street food); Joyride (Smoothies, salads, sandwiches and fruit); Egghead and Roasted (Rolls filled with egg, bacon, pulled pork and other meats); and Tailgate (A variety of light bites and drinks).

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