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NEWS Last modified on February 28, 2018

Istanbul New Airport celebrates construction of first runway and now 80% complete

Istanbul New Airport, the €10.2 billion mega hub being built on the outskirts of the city, is now 80% complete and yesterday celebrated turning on the lights of the first of its three runways. 

The milestones mean that the airport is on target to open on October 29, 2018, as scheduled.

The airport will initially boast three parallel runways, the recently completed first of which is 3,750m long and 60m wide and features 34,183 LED lights. 
Yusuf Akçayoğlu,CEO of IGA Airports Construction, noted: "We are working day and night for this project, which will put Turkey’s stamp on the history of aviation.

"The completion of the first phase draws nearer with every square metre built.

"We have recently finished the baggage system, which constitutes our airport’s core. And now we have made the runway number one ready for landing with all the required equipment and in compliance with the relevant global standards. 

"We are looking forward to deliver Istanbul Airport in its entirety on 29 October 2018.”
IST new airport
Around 100 airlines are set to serve Istanbul New Airport when it opens for business later this year.

It will initially be equipped to handle 90 million passengers per annum, but with phased expansion is expected to grow to become the world'd busiest gateway handling up to 200 million passengers annually.  


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