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NEWS Last modified on March 12, 2018

Dublin Airport launches creative arts partnership with national college

Dublin Airport has agreed a new partnership with the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin aimed at bringing an enhanced public arts programme to the airport.

The two-year Creative Journeys partnership will enable NCAD students, past and present, to showcase their ideas and work to an international audience, and will provide Dublin Airport passengers with a unique perspective into contemporary Irish art. 

Supported by Business to Arts, this new partnership will deliver a full public art programme at Dublin Airport over the next two years.

Seven sites have been chosen across the airport campus to host works within Creative Journeys.

The first art work within the Creative Journeys programme will be installed later this month and during the two-year programme each location will house several different works of art.

“Providing a world-class passenger experience is a constant goal at Dublin Airport and the visual environment at the airport plays a key role in this,” said Dublin Airport's managing director, Vincent Harrison.
Dub pax

“Dublin Airport provides the first welcome and last goodbye to the island of Ireland for tens of millions of people every year, and Creative Journeys will provide a wonderful showcase opportunity for the creative talents of talented NCAD artists and graduates based here and who are inspired by their surroundings on a daily basis.

Over the past year, Dublin Airport and Business to Arts worked together to design a process to enable arts organisations to bid to become involved in the project.

An open call process was held to identify potential partners for the public art programme. Interest was strong, with initial submissions from a number of agencies and organisations.

NCAD was eventually selected as Dublin Airport’s partner for the project.

“We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Dublin Airport on Creative Journeys,” said NCAD director Sarah Glennie.

“This project creates a fantastic opportunity for a wide public to experience some of the great work that is happening in NCAD and for NCAD students to gain invaluable experience of presenting their work in a highly public space.
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"Ireland's creative sector represents an ambitious and internationally connected wealth of talent and NCAD is delighted to be able to give visitors to Dublin Airport an opportunity to experience at first hand work by our emerging creative practitioners.” 

Dublin Airport and daa have been supporters of the arts for many decades. Indeed, daa has commissioned the award sculpture for the Allianz Business to Arts Awards for almost 30 years – one of the longest-running corporate art commissions in Ireland.

The airport is also home to the iconic Turning Point by Isabel Nolan, which was commissioned by daa in 2010 and is situated at the heart of Terminal 2, meaning that it is one of Ireland’s most viewed and best-known pieces of art.

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