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NEWS Last modified on March 21, 2018

Moscow Sheremetyevo displays 'green art' ahead of International Earth Day

Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport has turned to nature to celebrate International Earth Day by unveiling a 'green labyrinth' of stylistically connected natural art installations.

Guests are greeted by the 'forest glade' – a composition in the shape of dissolved pixel pictures made of moss in combination with the wood and stones in the passage between terminals E and F. 

The pathway to the unusual art object lies through a 'green gate', made of artificial evergreen boxwood, illuminated from within by LED elements.

It claims that the combination of "juicy greens and natural light creates a lovely ambiance and a pleasant mood".

Elsewhere, the 'Globe of flights' in Terminal D is designed to let the passengers refresh their geography knowledge.

"The stylish art object represents a globe with illuminated lines of routes served from and to Sheremetyevo," explains the airport.

While on the way from Terminal E to Terminal F visitors will find "a small oasis in the stone jungle".

The airport notes: "Autonomous construction with live plants and automatic irrigation exudes the scent of living greens.
"The art object is composed the way that, having stopped by only for a couple of minutes, anyone can let go of fatigue and feel better."

Next, travellers can discover a gallery with pictures made of plants treated in a special way. 

And finally another 'green' surprise awaits passengers in Terminal D in the shape of an aircraft preparing to take off on a new runway.

"The runway represents an alley of lamp posts decorated with artificial ivies; the aircraft is made of artificial boxwood," says Russia's busiest airport.
It points out that the art works revealed today are a natural progression of its desire to harmonise technological innovations and the natural environment.

The gateway notes that the airport site has been significantly 'greened' in the last few years with lawns the planting of ornamental trees.

It adds that the interior of Mastercard business lounge is decorated with fresh flowers, herbs, rosewood and marble.

Airport staff also play their part, says Shermetyevo Airport, actively promoting recycling programmes and suggesting initiatives such as today's 'green labyrinth'.


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