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NEWS Last modified on March 26, 2018

New solar farm to reduce Dublin Airport's energy consumption

Irish airport operator, daa, in partnership with ESB has opened a new solar farm at Dublin Airport that will provide more than half of the annual energy requirements of its water reservoir system.

A total of 268 solar panels installed on top of the airport's reservoir system, which provides 500 million litres of water – the equivalent of 200 Olympic sized swimming – to both passenger terminals, as well as servicing all the offices and businesses on the airport campus.

The solar farm is part of an energy agreement between daa and ESB to achieve an overall target of 33% reduction energy consumption at the airport by 2020.

Daa's chief executive, Dalton Philips, said the company was working closely with ESB to identify opportunities to use low carbon technologies to improve energy performance at the airport.

“We are committed to working in partnership with ESB to reduce our energy consumption by 33% by 2020,” he stated.

“We want to be leaders in this area and help Ireland meet its national obligations in the process.”
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Dublin Airport is already Airport Carbon Accredited, as part of a Europe-wide airport carbon management certification programme that covers more than half of European air passenger traffic. 

“Over the past three years Dublin Airport succeeded in reducing its carbon footprint by 5,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to a 10% reduction in carbon emissions under its control,” noted  Philips.

“We are looking forward to building on this performance and making even more energy savings that will also benefit the travelling public through sustainable environmental performance and annual cost savings.”

ESB is leading Ireland’s transition to reliable, affordable, low-carbon energy.

Its Smart Energy Services business line helps large customers lower their carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency while deliver savings on their energy costs.

The consultancy provides capital funding, energy management services and implementation of energy projects for businesses which are large users of energy.

Dublin Airport welcomed a record 29.6 million passengers in 2017, a 6% increase over the same period last year.  

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