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NEWS Last modified on March 28, 2018

Hamburg expects a stable year of growth after a record breaking 2017

Hamburg Airport today described 2017 as a "demanding and successful year", characterised by a healthy commercial result and strong passenger growth.

The German gateway believes that it raised service and comfort levels for passengers and enhanced "the Hamburg touch", with innovations such as the Hamburg Welcome Centre, redesigned waiting areas and the introduction of Self Bag Drop baggage kiosks.

"Last year was demanding and successful, and we mastered the challenge well,” reflects Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport.

“In line with our mission of ensuring mobility in northern Germany, we will offer more than 17.5 million passengers an optimal travel experience in 2018.
"We will continue to develop Hamburg Airport, step by step. We will already have all the jetbridges back in operation this coming summer, so that we can ensure short walking distances and comfortable travel for our passengers.

"Hamburg continues to be an attractive market, and this enables us to maintain the great variety in the route network we offer to the people of northern Germany.”

Hamburg Airport registered a profit of €46.6 million on a turnover of €244 million in 2017 despite increased costs in, for example, the areas of personnel, maintenance and IT.

The airport’s investment volume in 2017 amounted to €88.2 million, the biggest investment projects being the construction phases of new ground handling and administrative authorities building as part of ongoing Apron 1 refurbishment programme.
A record 17.62 million passengers (+8.6%) pass through Hamburg Airport's facilities in 2017, and Eggenschwiler expects more of the same in 2018.

“We have deliberately planned conservatively for 2018, because the airlines are still on a consolidation path,” says Eggenschwiler.

“We expect passenger figures to remain stable at a high level, and a tendency to fewer aircraft movements.

"This summer, we will be launching eight completely new routes, so that one thing remains constant for our passengers: a broad range from which to choose.

"Passengers will continue to have the choice between numerous airlines with different service levels and a large route network.”



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