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NEWS Last modified on March 28, 2018

AOA welcomes UK's decision to recruit more Border Force staff

The Airport Operators Association (AOA) has welcomed the UK's announcement that it is to recuit 1,000 extra Border Force staff.

AOA's chief executive, Karen Dee, says: “We welcome the announcement today that the government will be recruiting additional Border Force staff as well as the commitment by the Home Secretary, in her evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, that the Home Office will step up investment for a smoother experience for visitors at the border.

“The border experience for passengers passing through UK airports has been under pressure in recent years as resources for Border Force have gone down, while passenger numbers went up. This has resulted in longer queues more often in airports.

“It is vital that as we prepare for Brexit, the UK demonstrates we are open for business by providing both a secure and welcoming border experience to legitimate travellers.

"We will work with the Government and Border Force to ensure that the new recruits provide much needed additional capacity at the border in airports to achieve this, in addition to their role in preparing Border Force for Brexit.”


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