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NEWS Last modified on April 3, 2018

New walk through market opens at Philadelphia International Airport

OTG has marked another milestone in its re-imagination of Philadelphia International’s Terminal B with the first-phase opening of a 5,050 square foot CIBO Express Walk Through Market.

The immersive new space features a variety of locally sourced gifts and grab-and-go bites, confections courtesy of in-house brand SGR, along with CIBO’s signature selection of everyday travel essentials.

In addition to the market’s lively mix of goods, Philadelphia-favourite coffee roaster and café La Colombe has been introduced to the space, offering guests that perfect pre-flight cup.
PHL Terminal B’s CIBO Express Walk Through Market offering and immersive design were developed with the on-the-go guest in mind.

Made up of a multitude of components, the market exists as one singular guest experience with the entirety of the space carefully designed for optimal and efficient traffic flow.

According to OTG, completion of a purchase via its proprietary self-checkout systems allow guests stay in complete control of their experience, with intuitive pay stations seamlessly integrated into the market’s footprint.
The second phase of the market is set to open in July ‘18 and will feature additional retail and locally-inspired quick-serve options.

The continued transformation of the Philadelphia International Terminal B guest experience is a product of the continued collaboration of OTG, American Airlines, MarketPlace PHL and the Philadelphia International Airport.

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