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NEWS Last modified on April 5, 2018

Groupe ADP joins new French air cargo association

Key players in France's air cargo industry today created the Air Cargo France Association (ACFA) to promote French air freight and increase the cargo appeal of the country's airports.

ACFA's members are Groupe ADP, Air France Cargo, TLF Overseas, SYCAFF, WFS, Sodexi, CIN France, the Interregional Customs Directorate of Roissy, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and the Delegate Prefecture of France of Roissy-Orly-Le Bourget.

"The actors of the air cargo chain are joining forces to take part in joint actions to promote the freight activities of all the airports based on the national territory as well as companies located at these airports," the new association states.

"The association also plans to strengthen cooperation ties in compliance with competition law. Among the priority collaborative actions is the promotion of the CEIV Pharma certification at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport."

It claims to be "mobilising" to promote the use of new technologies within the cargo community, allowing digitisation and dematerialisation through the use of the software tool CIN FRANCE (Cargo Information Network).

This tool, it says, makes it possible to substitute paper documents for digital management of data exchanges.

The association also intends to develop a more operationally robust system for tracking and tracing shipments en route.

Finally, the association notes that it wants to finance and conduct studies to increase people's knowledge of the air cargo business to facilitate its development, particularly in terms of job creation for young people.

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