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NEWS Last modified on April 16, 2018

Popular Sides to go! BBQ outlet opens at Cleveland Hopkins

Barbecue loving passengers passing through Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are in for a treat following the opening of Northeast Ohio’s Sides to go! restaurant in Concourse C.

The local eatery brings authentic southern-inspired dishes and pit style barbeque to the food scene at the airport.

“We are excited to welcome Sides to go! BBQ to the airport," says Tina LaForte, vice president of Airmall Cleveland, a project of Fraport USA.

"This popular stop for beloved side dishes and barbeque will be a big hit with hungry passengers."

Noted for southern style barbeque like Carolina pulled pork and chicken and bourbon glazed wings, the restaurant is equally famous for a variety of homestyle side dishes, including mac and cheese, black eyed peas, collard greens, fried okra, hush puppies, fried plantains and sweet potato casserole.

“We wish this local operator success with their new restaurant,” said airport director, Robert Kennedy. 

“Sides to go! BBQ delivers on quality, variety, taste and value. It is simply prepared, delicious food that our customers will seek out. We are pleased to welcome them to CLE.”


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