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NEWS Last modified on May 3, 2018

Global Bazaar food hall opens in Newark Liberty's Terminal C

United Airlines and OTG today announced the completion of a new expansive food hall in Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The new 'Global Bazaar' features a wide variety of vibrant offerings sourced from New York’s diverse and globally-inspired food culture, in addition to its market offering of news, gift and locally sourced retail.

Besides the international selection of food, OTG believes that the design of the Bazaar will "pique the interest" of travellers.
With 30% of all travellers passing through Terminal C during breakfast hours, OTG worked to develop a creative solution to physically differentiate breakfast concepts from those featured for lunch and dinner hours.

The space transforms as the day progresses, changing both food offerings and the space’s structure to meet the time-specific needs of hungry travelers. After the breakfast rush departs, the Bazaar’s space automatically adapts to accommodate the lunch and dinner crowd.

In order to pull off such an ambitious project, OTG sought the imagination of architect and Tony Award-winning scenic designer David Rockwell.
“Developing the best possible experience for Terminal C’s travellers required a lot of imagination from our design, culinary and tech teams,” says OTG’s CEO, Rick Blatstein.

“This space is truly the first of its kind – the Bazaar changes as we move through the day. Its unique and immersive design, intuitive technology and, of course, great food is something we are incredibly proud to offer to United customers.”

While Jill Kaplan, president for New York/New Jersey for United Airlines, saysL “We’re thrilled that our customers will now be able to enjoy new culinary experiences from notable New York area chefs within the Global Bazaar.
“As we continue to work closely with OTG to create a world-class airport experience for our customers in the Tri-State area, we are excited by the new concepts and investments that have gone into the continual improvements at Terminal C.”

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