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NEWS Last modified on May 4, 2018

Rome Fiumicino opens new Roman Colosseum inspired lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge has opened its sixth lounge in Europe at Rome’s Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.

Strategically located in the Extra Schengen area of Terminal 3, the elegant and contemporary lounge spans over 1,000 square metres and is described by the company as a “tranquil oasis to relax in ahead of catching your flight”.

Open to all travellers regardless of their choice of airline or class of travel, Plaza Premium Lounge notes that this “state-of-the-art independent airport lounge has adopted the use of fine timber, polished marble and quality fabric in its design, creating a stylish yet cosy atmosphere for the travellers.
“Its architectural design is inspired by the Roman Colosseum arena and with the familiar roman column pillars, it reinforces a sense of place of this country, rich in heritage and cultural history.”

Offering 300 comfortable seats including the signature honeycomb seating to provide extra privacy, the lounge is open 24 hours daily and also houses six shower rooms – the first of its kind in Fiumicino Airport – with amenities for guests to refresh before their onward journey.

Other facilities and services include complimentary Wi-Fi, a series of entertainment including an extensive variety of digital reading material and TV channels plus ample recharging stations for all electronic devices.
Speaking at the Grand Opening ceremony, Song Hoi-see, founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group, said: “We are very excited to be in Rome and are equally delighted to be in partnership with Aeroporti di Roma.

“Plaza Premium Group has invested a total of approximately €3million to bring our latest Plaza Premium Lounge to Rome International Airport. This opening marks another milestone for us. Apart from this being the largest lounge in our group, our presence here is key to our growth strategy in Europe and we look forward to partner Aeroporti di Roma to provide an enhanced experience for all airport travellers.”

While Aeroporti di Roma CEO, Ugo de Carolis, noted: "The decision of Plaza Premium Group to open its biggest and most important lounge here at Fiumicino is the result of a strategic synergy between our two companies.

"We have worked together to give the utmost attention to detail and to confirm a standard of service, unique at international levels.”

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