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NEWS Last modified on May 15, 2018

Helsinki to enhance its F&B offering with the addition of three more top brands

Helsinki Airport has unveiled plans to open Finland’s first Ajisen Ramen, Jamie’s Deli and Moomin Coffee outlets early next year.

According to operator, Finavia, the renowned restaurants will complement the airport’s wide range of services when the newest part of the ongoing terminal expansion opens at the beginning of next year.

"Finavia works hard together with our partners to offer our air passengers as smooth and memorable customer experience as possible also regarding food and beverage selection," enthuses Finavia's commercial director and vice president at Helsinki Airport, Elena Stenholm.

Ajisen Rendering 2
“The driving forces of all the restaurants at Helsinki Airport are diversity and quality.

"As an international airport, we pay attention to the needs and preferences of many different nationalities, while, at the same time, highlighting Finnishness in our choices.

"Many of the restaurant concepts that we have created in cooperation with the restaurant operators reflect the locality and natural character also in their food selection. 
Jamies-Deli Smoothies web
"Furthermore, the restaurant personnel in the kitchens as well as in the dining rooms has specialised in paying attention to the needs of the air passengers, such as the time limitations.

"We welcome these new restaurant concepts that are unique to our markets to Helsinki Airport."

Pia Jormanainen, 
managing director of SSP Finland, said: “We are delighted to be investing in these fabulous new restaurants at Helsinki.

"These are three innovative brands, that are ideally suited to the passenger profile at the airport, and we are delighted to be working in partnership with the team at Finavia to create an even better experience for travellers to and from this fine airport.”
Helsinki Airport
Ajisen Ramen is an international ramen chain restaurant, originating in  Kumamoto, Japan. It has over 800 stores worldwide, including over 700 stores in China.

Moomin Coffee is inspired by the Finnish fictional character Moomin, which is popular around the world.

Jamie’s Deli, from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, is well-suited to today’s fast-paced way of living. 

The new additions will join 11 restaurants, cafés and bars already operated by SSP at Helsinki Airport.

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