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NEWS Last modified on May 17, 2018

Second Moshi 'bricks and mortar' outlet opens at LAX

Hudson Group, in partnership with Moshi, have opened Moshi's second brick and mortar retail space at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

Located in Terminal 4, the new store features a comprehensive selection of the company’s design-centric accessories and devices for smart travellers on-the-go.

The retail concept adds to Hudson Group’s latest openings at LAX, including the original Moshi concept, Hudson LAXpress and Soundstage by Hudson, which were part of Delta Air Lines’$ 1.9 billion modernisation project inTerminal 3.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Hudson Group to open this second location at LAX, giving more travellers the chance to discover our products,” enthused Dan Capelle, executive director at Moshi.
“Our bags continue to be popular with shoppers looking for something modern yet lightweight, while our tech products let people stay connected and charged up on the go. The new location in Terminal 4 also lets business travellers pick up last minute gear they might need for an upcoming meeting or conference.”

The store will include Moshi’s Red Dot award-winning portable batteries (IonBank 3K and IonBank 5K) and Bluetooth headphones (Avanti Air), as well as a full assortment of the company’s cables and adapters.

“As part of our overall LAX modernisation efforts, we are looking at how we can be on the cutting edge of retail and concessions, and bringing the second ever brick-and-motor Moshi store to LAX is a part of our vision for a fun and fresh shopping options," noted Dave Jones, LAWA's director of airline property and concession services.

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