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NEWS Last modified on May 21, 2018

Keflavik to get three new services to DFW in the next three weeks

As Keflavik Airport continues to intensify its solid route network, the coming weeks will see the Icelandic gateway not only add a new destination on its route map but promptly launch three new links to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

Welcoming the inaugural flight from DFW this week, Keflavik will be connected to the Texan airport a total of 13 times a week by mid-June, with Icelandic carriers Icelandair and WOW air, as well as new airline partner American Airlines.

Kick starting the new links, WOW air launches a twice-weekly connection on May 23, shortly followed by Icelandair adding its four times weekly service on May 30.

Then, on June 7 June, American Airlines joins the airport’s serving carriers when it begins its daily operations resulting in Keflavik offering in excess of 2,600 weekly seats to Dallas/Fort Worth across all three services.
Hlynur Sigurdsson, airport operator Isavia's commercial director, says: “To launch three connections in as many weeks to such a large international hub is a sign we remain on the road of rapid growth and airlines continue to recognise the opportunities available.”

“The new flights will not only represent substantial choice for our customers via DFW's immense network, but also allow travellers from North Texas to benefit from our own ever-expanding route map, giving them access to Iceland as well as numerous further destinations.”

Dallas/Fort Worth becomes Keflavik’s 24thdestination in the US, immediately offering close to 64,000 seats on the city pair during S18.

It also sees the international hub jump straight in at 10th place amongst those 24 US cities, ahead of Los Angeles and just behind Seattle-Tacoma in capacity terms.
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The addition of DFW  to its network further fortifies the US as Keflavik’s largest country market of the 32 it serves, with nearly 1.3 million seats available throughout the summer.

It adds that the arrival of American Airlines means Keflavik now boasts all three big US hub and spoke carriers, joining Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.  

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