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NEWS Last modified on May 24, 2018

Sydney Airport introduces Apple Maps

Getting around Sydney Airport just got a whole lot easier thanks to the gateway's adoption of Apple Maps, which shows users how to navigate their way through  T1 International, T2/T3 Domestic terminals and its car parks.

Using the wayfinding application, customers can now more easily find facilities and services inside the terminal, including restrooms, parent’s rooms, elevators and shops, and see their current location with indoor positioning.

Sydney Airport CEO, Geoff Culbert, said the addition of Apple Maps to the Sydney Airport suite of digital wayfinding options further enhanced the airport experience for visitors.

“We’re focused on finding innovative ways to improve the Sydney Airport experience for our passengers and empowering them to control their own journey. Using the latest technology, customers can find the facilities they need in the palm of their hand,” he said.

“Partnering with pioneering tech industry leaders plays a key role in our digital strategy and we’re excited to bring in-terminal Apple Maps to our customers.

“We want to assist passengers through the digital channels that they are most familiar with and already frequently use.

"This is an exciting addition to our digital wayfinding offering that already  includes Chinese navigation app Baidu Maps, as well as Google Maps.”
The launch of Apple Maps is part of Sydney Airport’s open data strategy and growing the airport’s customised technology offering. 

This also includes the recently launched self-service check-ins at T1 International, the introduction of a real-time queue measurement system and the soon to commence biometrics trial which will make the journey through the airport even more seamless.

Global airline alliance, SkyTeam, will be using Apple Maps to provide their customers with wayfinding inside Sydney Airport through their app and website.

According to the airport, it continues to work on a range of innovative technology initiatives to strengthen the experience our customers have throughout the airport, including working with government partners to trial next-generation technology for inbound immigration.

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