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NEWS Last modified on May 24, 2018

Sharjah International Airport picks Groupe ADP to design its new-look terminal

Sharjah International Airport has awarded Groupe ADP, through ADP Ingénierie, a contract to design and supervise the $410 million expansion of its terminal building.

ADP Ingénierie notes that it won the €15 million contract after a "very competitive tender".

The project, one of the largest airport development currently ongoing in the region, will involve increasing the capacity of the existing terminal from the current 11 million passengers per annum to 17.5mppa at the same time as enhancing the passenger experience.

Gratien Maire, CEO of ADP Ingénierie says: "This new contract rewards our know-how in airport design in a part of the world where we are very active.

"Our team of experts will be deployed in Sharjah. One of the challenges will be to maintain the airport capacity and operations at all time during the execution of the construction packages, which are expected to start in 2019."

Groupe ADP claims to have a strong knowledge and understanding of the "dynamic" region having worked in it for over 40 years. 

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