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NEWS Last modified on June 15, 2018

Aerotel opens in Guangzhou Baiyun’s new Terminal 2

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport’s impressive new Terminal 2 boasts its own transit hotel courtesy of Plaza Premium Group’s 57-room Aerotel Guangzhou.

The group’s sixth hotel in its network and first in China – Aerotel Guangzhou operated in collaboration with Hangwan Hotel Asset Management Company of Guangdong Airport Authority – offers double, solo and solo plus rooms to ensure that it caters to different size groups.

While “flexible hourly-booking options” are designed to make reserving a room easy for potential customers either while they are at the airport or prior to arriving in Guangzhou.

Plaza Premium Group Aerotel notes that each room is fitted with “quality bedding, powerful showers, bottled water, towels, slippers, a hairdryer, cable TV as well as complimentary Wi-Fi.” A Library Lounge is also available to provide refreshments, TV and reading materials.
Guan bar
“We are very excited about our first Aerotel in China and are working closely with Hangwan Hotel Asset Management Company of Guangdong Airport Authority to create a comfortable transit experience for both international and local travellers in the new Guangzhou airport terminal,” enthused Song Hoi-see, founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group.

“Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the third busiest airport in China. I’m humbled with the opportunity given to Plaza Premium Group in creating a new airport experience.

“With Plaza Premium Group’s 20 years of experience in shaping airport hospitality around the world, we look forward to sharing our global expertise and resources in enhancing travel experience in China.”

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