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NEWS Last modified on June 21, 2018

Prague opens new central security area

A new Centralised Security Checkpoint has fully opened in Prague Airport's Terminal 2 just in time for summer.

Now all passengers flying to Schengen Area countries will have to go through the new security checkpoint, which the airport claims will "significantly increase the airport’s handling capacity while improving passenger comfort".

The new Centralized Security Checkpoint is the airport’s largest development project to be implemented at Terminal 2 since it opened in 2006.

In total, Prague Airport invested €7.7 million in the new security checkpoint and related buildings at Terminal 2, including new technologies and all structural modifications.

The security checkpoint facility newly has a total of eight fully automated and six manual X-ray lines.
Automated lines allow passengers to take advantage of a system where luggage and items are placed in parallel – this means that, at each line, up to three passengers may be getting ready for a security check at the same.

In addition, the lines are also fitted with an automatic conveyor system that makes it possible to separate luggage that requires additional security screening from luggage for which no additional checks are necessary.

Thew airport also notes that the the X-rays lines are equipped with a much more passenger-friendly unattended transport system for conveyor boxes that are larger than those previously used and can conveniently hold passenger items.

Thanks to these new technology features, the security checkpoint facility will be able to handle up to 2,500 passengers per hour, increasing the hourly capacity of passenger security screening at Terminal 2 by 40%. 

In addition to modern technology, the new facility has other additional features to make it easier for passengers to pass through security checks, such as dispensers for shoe covers, storage and collection counters, dispensers for one-liter bags for transporting liquids, or a light-based navigation system.
“In the future, we intend to introduce other major modern technologies within the new security checkpoint area," says Vaclav Rehor, chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors.

"For example, we plan to purchase body scanners and, where relevant, replace manual lines with automatic ones, which could further increase our passenger handling capacity in the future.

"However, these follow-up steps will be primarily implemented in response to future trends and developments in the air transport market."

The opening of the new Centralised Security Checkpoint at Terminal 2 also marks the end of operation of the previous facility that had served the airport since 2006, allowing for the space be developed into a brand new commercial zone with new restaurants and shops.

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