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NEWS Last modified on June 25, 2018

Sting visits Athens for unveiling of new Amnesty International inspired tapestry

Musician, Sting, was the guest of honour at Athens International Airport at the weekend as the gateway became home to a tapestry which supports Amnesty International's 'I welcome' campaign for refugees across the globe.

The monumental tapestry named 'I love Greece' – unveiled in the airport’s Arrivals Hall on Saturday – was designed and offered as a gift to Amnesty International by the acclaimed Greek artist, Sophia Vari.

Symbolising the Greek welcome offered to hundreds of thousands of men, women and children from Syria fleeing war and persecution, at a difficult point in time for Greece itself, the tapestry will be on permanent display in the arrivals hall of Athens International Airport, for millions of passengers to pass by it, reflect and remember.


Sting said: “For over 30 years, I have actively supported Amnesty International’s work to defend and protect human rights. Their campaign to support refugees is both urgent and vital.

"I am proud to lend my support and honoured to join with renowned Greek artist Sophia Vari who has generously donated her art for the creation of this magnificent tapestry.”

Gabriel Sakellaridis, director of the Greek Section of Amnesty International, stated: “Fleeing the atrocity of war and persecution, more than one million people travelled through Greece in the previous years, in order to provide their families with the hope for a safe and decent life.
"The majority of people in our country did not close their eyes before this, they did not hide nor expressed fear, contrary to most European governments.

"The people demonstrated solidarity to those who needed it more than all of us, isolating racism and xenophobia. These are the people Amnesty International would like to honour and thank by offering Sophia Vari’s work of art to Athens International Airport.”

Tapestry creator, Sophia Vari, noted: “I strongly support the idea of thanking the people of Greece for their generosity and solidarity with those less fortunate arriving on our shores.

"I am proud that it will be displayed for the enjoyment of millions of travellers arriving in Greece every year”.
The CEO of Athens International Airport, Dr Yiannis Paraschis, said: “During recent years, we have been witnessing the consequences of war, as millions of refugees left their birthplaces, seeking a better life and a welcoming, saving hand.

"Athens International Airport proudly supported the creation of this magnificent tapestry and, of course, the important action of Amnesty International. As of today, we are spreading across the message of solidarity and humanity to visitors from across the globe.”


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