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NEWS Last modified on June 25, 2018

Airports commit to six new resolutions at ACI World Assembly in Brussels

The 28th ACI World Annual General Assembly (WAGA) has approved Resolutions committing the organisation to maximising the contributions of airports to maintaining and developing a safe, secure, environmentally sustainable, and customer-centric aviation system worldwide.

The WAGA, held in Brussels last week, unanimously approved the six Resolutions:

“Our Assembly Resolutions advance ACI’s initiatives by setting out its aims and objectives on subjects of immediate concern to the world’s airport industry,” said ACI World director general, Angela Gittens.

“Our members were proactive in telling us their interests and sharing their concerns. This year’s Resolutions put a particular focus on evolving and emerging threats that could become impediments to the airport industry meeting the ever-increasing air service demand."

ACI World chair, Bongani Maseko, noted: “As the voice of the world's airports, ACI World is the only organisation that can bring together airports, large and small, from all regions to agree strong measures to address the issues that affect us all.

“I would like to thank ACI Member airports for their collective response and commitment to act on these pressing issues and I pledge airports to continue to approach our common industry concerns in the future in a collaborative and transparent manner."

The next issue of Airport World magazine will contian a comprehensive report of the 28th ACI Europe/World Annual General Assembly, Congress & Exhibition in Brussels. 

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