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NEWS Last modified on July 5, 2018

Innovative new confectionery concept opens in Hong Kong's Terminal 1

Hong Kong International Airport is now even more colourful and appealing following the opening of a innovative new confectionery outlet containing eight sweet shops.

SWEET DREAMS by HEINEMANN covers an 820sqm area in Terminal 1, which the duty free operator says "focuses on sweet temptations".

Heinemann Asia Pacific took over the operation of the first two confectionery shops as early as December 2017. Each of the eight shops, ranging in size between 57 and 186sqm has been designed according to an "extraordinary theme".
As a result, Heinemann claims that passengers young and old alike can immerse themselves in outlets ranging from the colourful diversity of a mysterious underwater world to the magic world of a bustling fair.

While entertainment such as 3D shows, chocolate printers, virtual reality entertainment and games for children engagement are designed to engage and delight visitors.

"We wish to thank those responsible at the airport for giving us the chance to run the confectionery shops according to our ideas, and we look forward to long-term cooperation," said Marvin von Plato, CEO of Heinemann Asia Pacific.

"We want to redefine the possibilities of presenting confectionery with our concept, and create a really fun shopping ambience that inspires and captivates our customers."
Airport Authority Hong Kong's executive director, commercial, Cissy Chan, says: “The new confectionary concession creates a unique unparalleled experience for passengers. 

"We believe that our partnership with Heinemann will be a successful one and together we will be able to develop and evolve this category faster."

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