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NEWS Last modified on July 6, 2018

Passenger traffic continues to rise at Europe's airports

Traffic levels at Europe's airports continues to rise, passenger numbers growing by an average of 6.1% in May compared with the same month a year ago.

The non-EU market continued to lead the growth dynamic, with passenger traffic up by 8%.

While gains were especially strong at airports in Georgia (+27%), Iceland (+26.5%), Montenegro (+22.2%), Ukraine (+20.7%), Albania (+14.1%) and Israel (+12.5%), the pace of growth was more moderate in Russia (+8.6%) and Turkey (+7.5%).

The EU market saw passenger traffic increase by 5.5% – with ATC and airline strikes, the lasting impact of the bankruptcies of Air Berlin and Monarch as well as weather disruptions limiting growth.

As in previous months, airports in the Eastern and Southern parts of the bloc along with Finland and Luxembourg significantly outperformed this average.

Passenger traffic atthe Majors (top 5 European airports) grew by 3%, on the back of a rather contrasted performance.

While Frankfurt came on top, with an impressive 9.5% increase, Istanbul-Atatürk registered the lowest performance at -0.3%. Meanwhile, passenger traffic grew by 3.1% at London-Heathrow, 3% at Amsterdam-Schiphol and 2.1% at Paris-CDG.

Freight traffic was almost flat in May across the European airport network at +0.8%, confirming a significant downward trend since the beginning of the year.

Aircraft movements were up 2.6%, increasing by just 1.9% in the EU market – again, says ACI Europe, a reflection of ATC and airline strikes, the bankruptcies of Air Berlin and Monarch and weather disruptions.

Aircraft movements increased by 4.2% in the non-EU bloc.



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