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NEWS Last modified on July 11, 2018

Edmonton seeking to become Canada's first IATA certified pharma gateway

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has revealed that it intends to become Canada's first IATA certified pharmaceutical logistics hub.

IATA’s s Center of Excellence of Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) provides a globally consistent, recognised and standardised certification for pharma shipments in air freight.

It does this by working alongside aviation industry stakeholders and regulators to help harmonise the entire air cargo supply chain, aligning processes and procedures to achieve pharmaceutical handling and transport excellence.

And establishing a common baseline from existing regulations and standards, thereby ensuring the certification meets international and national compliance to safeguard product integrity while addressing specific air cargo needs.

Achieving this certification will ensure our airport community meets the highest global standard for transporting pharmaceutical products by air.

It is also a vital step in building the cargo connectivity of the Edmonton Metro Region to the rest of the world by providing the shippers with the confidence that our airport community can be a leader in handling and transporting temperature-sensitive products.
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“Edmonton International Airport is excited to begin the CEIV Pharma Certification with IATA and our partners in air and ground freight,” said EIA president and CEO, Tom Ruth.

“With the emerging pharma and bio-pharma development and clustering we continue to see in our region, EIA and our key air cargo stakeholders are looking to continuously improve the quality of how pharma cargo is handled, while connecting our airport to the global pharmaceutical network.”

IATA’s senior vice president, airport, passenger, cargo and security, Nick Careen, noted: We congratulate Edmonton International Airport on its important decision to pursue CEIV Pharma certification, and to be the first airport community in Canada to do so!

“Pharmaceutical products not only enhance lives but can actually save them, so it is critical that all participants in the cold chain adhere to these global industry standards to ensure recognised pharma handling at every step of the process.”

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