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NEWS Last modified on July 16, 2018

Traffic soars at Moscow-Sheremetyevo during football World Cup

The football World Cup was good for Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport which handled 11% more passengers and 16% more aircraft movements over the last month than it did during the corresponding period a year ago.

The airport, which notes that the World Cup was held during the busy summer holiday season, handled 33,800 take-off and landings and 4.7 million passengers during the tournament as football fans from across the globe made their way to and around Russia.

It is also quick to point out that new infrastructure, more staff and enhanced "entry measures" allowed Sheremetyevo to "comfortably welcome passengers from around the world to Moscow for the World Cup".
Indeed, Sheremetyevo's the new Terminal B and the tunnel connecting Sheremtyevo-1 and Sheremetyevo-2 were constructed for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and are part of the gateway's long-term development plan.

This plan is designed to ensure that Sheremetyevo is equipped to handle 80 million passengers per year by 2026, making it one of the top 10 largest passenger hubs in the world.

It claims that the success of the World Cup demonstrates that the plan is on pace to meet that target.

"It was a pleasure to host players and fans from around the world as they gathered in Russia for the World Cup," said Alexander Ponomarenko, chairman of the board of airport operator, JSC SIA.

"We worked hard to ensure guests at Sheremetyevo received the finest service and a warm welcome to Moscow."
Earlier this month, Sheremetyevo International Airport placed second in terms of direct connectivity growth in ACI Europe’s Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2018.

In the past five years, the airport has witnessed a 74% increase in the number of passengers who have tansferred through Sheremetyevo.

"I congratulate the French National Team on their victory in the World Cup, and I wish them comfortable travel from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport back home," added Ponomarenko.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup winners passed through Sheremetyevo on their way home today.

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